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These days there are many exercise classes to choose from. Although most provide aerobic fitness, each concentrates on developing different parts of your body. Below you will find information on each class and what kind of workout it provides so you can select the right one for your purposes.

Step Aerobics

Step aerobics is a choreographed routine of stepping up and down on a platform that gets your heart and lungs in shape plus it tones your butt. If you are a cyclist or runner, this can be a great training activity for you. This type of class does require some coordination even for beginners. You start off with a low platform and keep adding to the height with a riser for additional challenge. If you suffer from ankle, knee, or back problems, this is probably not the best class for you.

Body Sculpting and core conditioning

This is a non-aerobic class focused on toning your muscles. Depending on the instructor you may use weight bars, dumbbells or exercise bands. If you are looking to firm up all over with weight training this is your type of exercise. These days you can even find classes that specialize in just abs or lower body toning.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is combination of several exercises. These classes are set up with stations, like you had in elementary school, and you start at one spot and rotate to a different station every several minutes. Exercise can include step aerobics, stationary cycling, weight machines and more. You do get a full body workout but these are very strenuous classes that are very faced paced and not really geared towards beginners.


Also referred to as aeroboxing is choreographed version of a kick-boxers training routine. The class includes things like shadow boxing, forward kicks, punches and jump rope. Kickboxing is great for aerobic fitness and it will improve your agility, balance and coordination not to mention allow you to better defend yourself if needed. Be aware though that this is for advanced and dedicated athletes.

Dance workouts

You can sign up for many different types of dances classes which will give you a great aerobic workout. Select from hip-hop step, funk aerobics, salsa hip-hip, jazz, ballet and more being added all the time. These classes are becoming more popular these days as they don't feel so much as exercise but are just fun. Do remember to sign up for a beginner class if you have two left feet so you can ease into it.

Water aerobics

These classes do the traditional aerobic workout just under water. Since water is thicker than air you get a workout with more resistance and not just the benefits to the heart and lungs but you also build up muscle tone. These classes are great for most people but can be easier for pregnant women and older people. Also, if you are just getting out of physical therapy, this is a good way to ease your self into body fitness.

Before you sign up for anything be sure to watch a class in progress so you know what you are getting yourself into. Select an exercise that you will enjoy because that will make it easier to stick with the plan.

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Best Exercise Class For You

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This article was published on 2010/03/28