Getting good Grades Series-6

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You can get your learning material from your class room, which will be helpful for you in your exams. From good listening, regular attending classes, making good notes, and keeping yourself disciplined will make your exam much easier. Some students consider that the teacher deliver lectures from text book only, but they are wrong, your teacher use other supplement material also to build lectures. So be attentive in class, read, listen carefully, and try to participate in class discussions as it will build self confidence in you.

Many teacher counts the attendance as a part of your grades. So attend your classes regularly to get these attendance points.

Many teachers give assignments to his/her students in the running semester. Your teacher has points for these assignments. So, complete these assignments in time, and read each assignment at least three times to memorize it. These assignments are also one of the sources of learning.

Good listening is also important in learning process. Active listening in class room proves effective for getting good grades. There are some steps, which make the listening process more effective.

First, try to sit in the front of the class to ensure you are way from all the distractions. By doing this, you can the listen lecture accurately, and easily ask the teacher, if missed something. So, develop your listening skills, make the notes more informative, and increase your learning process.

If you are taking your notes on computer, be sure to set up your files for each class. Also make hard copies as soon as possible or back up these notes. If something happen to your computer theses are difficult to replace.


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Getting good Grades Series-6

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This article was published on 2010/11/21