Guide to the Mage Class in Aion Online

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The Mage is one of the most exciting primary classes in Aion. The magical powers and the control of the elements really make this class an influential one in Aion. They are very powerful, due to their long range magical attacks, and vulnerable to attacks, due to weak physical built, at the same time. This is the reason why being a Mage is one of the difficult ways of progressing in Aion, but at the same time it is fun and exciting. If you have a taste for thrill and risk, being a Mage is your way to create an impact in Atreia.

When you start as a Mage, your primary weapon will be a spell book, which is a high damage weapon, but is comparatively slower. It will not be before level 9, that you can earn the Daeva status, when you are offered a quest for that purpose. It is at this time when you have to make a choice to either specialize into being a Spiritmaster or a Sorcerer. As you successfully complete the Daeva quest, you will reach the next level in the new class that you chose. Among these specializations, the Sorcerer is similar in functions to a Mage with some added magical powers, such as crowd-controlling powers and carrying out long range high damage magical attacks. However, the Spiritmaster, along with the traditional Mage features, is able to call spirits, other than controlling the elements. It is the only class in the game with summoning powers. If the unique powers of a Spiritmaster attract you, then you can select the Mage caste to go on to specialize as a Spiritmaster.

However, those who have tried out Aion in the Mage class have voiced their concern over the weakness of this class against physical assault, so you may want to adjust your strategy in battle according to that fact. Mages can only wear cloth armor, and the same is true for both the specialization classes. But the Close Beta Test 3 allowed the Mage to wear heavy armor as well, but according to the developers of the game, that feature is unlikely to be available in the Open Beta due to balancing problems. As far as weapons are concerned, Sorcerers can only use a spell book, just with which a Mage starts the game, but the Spiritmaster has higher damage ability, as it uses orbs as well as spell books.

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Guide to the Mage Class in Aion Online

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This article was published on 2010/03/27