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When you are designing an online course, you must ensure that your site contains all the right elements. A professional look is very important if you want your class to be a success. There are 5 common elements which you must incorporate in your site.

1. Class description: You must develop a page to list all the classes that you are offering. In one glance, this page must be able to provide all the summary information about the class. It should include the class title, a short description, the class start date, the class end date, the objectives of the class, the name of the instructor and the list of lessons. If you have many classes running, you can categorize them under different headings.

2. Enrollment process: Like every other traditional class, you should take enrolments from the students. It does not matter whether the class is a free session or a paid one, you must always note the information of students attending the class. Without registration, students must not be allowed to access the lessons. For a free session, you can just collect email id and name, while for a paid session, you may want to know the address and occupation related information.

3. Lesson duration: You will need to decide when to post lessons and how long the lesson is to be kept active. For instance, if your total class duration is 10 weeks comprising of 10 lessons, then you might want to post two lessons every week for the first 5 weeks and then keep all of them active till the end date. Students who are slow to learn can take the full 10 weeks while those who are fast can complete the course in 5 weeks only.

4. Instructor: You should choose an instructor who is an expert in the subject. The instructor must be someone who loves to teach and interact with students. He should also have sufficient knowledge in using the teaching tools, using the message board to communicate with the students and evaluating their progress. You must put up the instructors profile along with the class details. The instructor must also be willing to promptly answer all the queries posted by students.

5. Instructions and reminders: You must have a medium to communicate regularly with the students. You must send them a welcome email with instructions on how to access the course and how to communicate with the instructor. You can also send reminders of important dates like end dates and dates of exams. Apart from sending emails, you can publish the reminders on the overview page for greater visibility.

The above 5 elements are the basic framework for any online class. Make sure you have them all in control.

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Online Classes - 5 Elements of an Online Class

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This article was published on 2010/03/28