Thank You Letter - From A Teacher To Her Students

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As a teacher, its easy for us to extend our gratitude to our colleagues and the numerous academicians who have helped us gain the knowledge and experience to excel in our jobs. But I believe more than thanking our peers, we should extend our appreciation to the students who give us purpose and motivate us to do what we do. This thank you letter is my gesture of gratitude to my students, who, without them my experience as a teacher would not be complete.

To my English class,

I wont lie and say that teaching you guys has been a breeze. Most of you are stubborn, overly talkative, lack focus, and always sleepy in class. At times you fail to recognize your shortcomings and instead choose to blame the mediocre scores you get on your tests to the strangest of factors, like the lack of good food in the cafeteria, poor ergonomics of the chairs, and the seemingly recurring headache you get only when its exam week.

No, your class has not been easy to handle. Its far from a walk in the park. But let me give you this thank you letter anyway, each and every one of you, for giving me a continued sense of fulfillment, a purpose, and for furthering my passion for my advocacy of education.

Although it takes a while to get you to understand, and more so appreciate, the more complex concepts of English grammar that I teach, once you get the point it gives me a sense of accomplishment like nothing else. Knowing that I helped you further your education even by just getting you to see the difference between a transitive and intransitive verb makes me feel like there is sense in what I do. Actually, regardless of the complexity or simplicity of the lessons you take in, each one is an accomplishment for me.

My students, thank you because you have also given me my purpose. So many people are walking the Earth, directionless and irrelevant because they serve no higher intention. But for me, you are the reason why I strive to be a better educator, why I wake up in the mornings, why I make lesson plans at night. I am here, hopefully, to help in your success and aid in your preparation in facing the world. I am honored that you have entrusted these hopes of yours to me and I work hard so as not to fail you.

Let me again just reiterate that handling you in class has been a constant challenge. Know that your excuses for not doing homework now fall on deaf ears as Ive heard them all and believe none of them. But know too, that I enjoy every moment of it. I love being part of your lives and growing with you. Your class is my inspiration and the reason I am a teacher. For that, my dears, this thank you letter is for you.

Your truly,

Miss Peterson
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Thank You Letter - From A Teacher To Her Students

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This article was published on 2011/02/07