The Perks Of Traveling In Business Class

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When you are planning to book an airline ticket, you may be confused as to which class to choose for. If you have only travelled in economy till date and you want to try business class, it is essential that you must know about business class very well.  Many would have told you about their experience in traveling upper level class flights and you surely want to try it out.  Most often you too find it very difficult to grab a business class seat too. So, is it worth taking all the pains to get an executive class ticket?

Basically business class also known as executive class refers to the quality services provided by certain flights for their passengers who are willing to spend some extra cost. Apart from this, services like first class, coach and coach plus are also provided by the airlines. The coach plus are the normal economy or the economy plus seats. The choice of selecting executive class largely depends on your personal preferences.

While considering the expense of business travel, it can be said that it comes to almost four times the fare of traveling in economy class. So if you think that the money is worth a few hours of luxury and comfort, then you can readily go for it. Moreover, the services and comforts in an executive class vary with each airline and each business class airlines offers different options and amenities for their passengers.

Most people go for executive class for the better seating that it offers. The seats are wider and a minimum of four inches of space is seen between the rows. This obviously provides more leg room. If you are tired of traveling in uncomfortable economy seats, the executive class would be a luxury without feeling cramped. Some flights may even provide seats that lie almost flat and also recline very much. However, the seats that completely lie flat is reserved for first class passengers.  

While flying business class, you can enjoy the luxury of having quality food and beverages. The passengers are given chance to choose from an expanded menu. Sometimes, a limited variety of beverages are offered free during the flight. All these amenities are included in the airline fare itself. But if you go for some special dishes, you may need to pay some extra money.

Yet another advantage given to the passengers is the business class lounge at the airport. Services like access to computers and email are open to the travelers in the lounge. It may even have a nap area and provides drinks. If you are waiting for another flight for longer periods, such lounges are really a catch. If you are traveling in upper levels, you would be allowed to board the airline first. While the rest of the passengers would be boarding, the upper level travelers would be offered beverages. Such privileged ones can avoid the rest of the crowd as they can enter and exit the plane through some special doorways at times.

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The Perks Of Traveling In Business Class

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This article was published on 2010/03/26