Tips to get Good Grade in IGNOU Grade Card and IGNOU Results

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As we all know IGNOU Examination in commencing from 1st June 2012, Here are some very good tips to prepare you to get Good grade in IGNOU Grade Card and IGNOU Results.

Main important Points to be Remember:

No more late night studying or sleepless nights!

No need for a tutor or the school counselor!

No sucking up to your math teacher to get better grades!

No more "last minute" cramming sessions the night before the exam!

No more giving up TV, surfing the net, playing video games or going out with friends!

The honest truth is, "studying hard" cannot and will not guarantee you better grades. What you need is a better SYSTEM that makes study a breeze. So you get better grades while studying LESS. Practicing "smarter" rather than "harder" study habits is the best way to get better grades and make it through colleges or universities.

Reading the course material before you go to class is a simple way to absorb, understand and remember the material with much less time and effort OVERALL than you otherwise would. Most people go to class and are hearing the content for the first time. They may not be familiar with some keywords or technical terms. They spend most of the time getting their head around all this new material as they struggle to put it into a logical order or "framework".

Once that framework is in place, they begin to actually UNDERSTAND the material being taught. When the class is over, this process is often incomplete. So how can they begin to study or reinforce what they never understood in the first place!  They can't -- it takes MUCH more time to revise partially-understood material, resulting in poorer study efficiency and results.

When you briefly read the course material prior to your class, you start to become familiar with the concepts. You come across new words and terminology. You look at a few sample questions. You might even make a couple of notes of questions to ask. Then when you get into class, everything seems familiar. You're hearing everything for the second time and you begin to remember and reinforce key points. Then you leave the class with a pretty good understanding of the topic. It takes much less time to revise and review information, and you have plenty of time to read ahead of the next class!  Read ahead before going to class and see how much EASIER everything becomes. Practicing this, will help you gain an "unfair advantage" over everyone else while working LESS.

How would you feel if you could know every teacher's grading system? Knowledge of it will aid your writing and make you come out top in the class because you will not only write any examination, but write with an understanding of the teacher's grading system at heart. Keep all assignments, handouts, and tests that are given back. Keep a lists of grades made in each class. You are going to need an organized notebook to do this. When you take records of these assessments, it helps you take record of your success and advancement.

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Tips to get Good Grade in IGNOU Grade Card and IGNOU Results

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Tips to get Good Grade in IGNOU Grade Card and IGNOU Results

This article was published on 2012/05/23