World of Warcraft for the Beginners

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WoW has been released into the market for ages. However, it is still new to some people. For the beginners, it can be a tough job to start getting familiarized with it. You will face with a hard of choice of which faction, or first class or what race to start. Overall, after the familiarization period, you will get excited to it.


There are a few tips that can ease a newbie's entry into the World of Warcraft. The first obstacle is choosing your first character. It is advisable to try out a few classes, the first 20 levels are not very long to go through and you will get a general idea of what that class is about. Of course, level 80 is much different than 20 but the overall direction of the character and his motivation don't change much.


Your faction choice is not as big a deal as it once was, you are now able to have characters of both factions on the same server, however you are still limited by their restrictions of not being able to interact with the other faction, not mailing between those characters, etc. However, the basic run down of Alliance and Horde are Alliance are the good guys with happier "prettier" races and more upbeat city styles. The Horde races are not about the looks, they tend to be mean and somewhat ugly. Their cities reflect the races with a rough and desolate theme of large spikes and tattered cloth rags. The Undercity is a dark dank place under a crumbling castle now run by the scourge.


The best way to learn the game is simply by playing it. Do the initial zones to learn how to manage your class and figure out how WoW works. If you are having trouble with your particular class, you should go to the official WOW forums and look at your class forum, there are usually some good sticky posts there for questions on your class.


If you are a true beginner in the game, you might want to hold off on putting a while bunch of addons into your game. If you don't understand the basic mechanics of the game, the addons will only confuse you more.


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World of Warcraft for the Beginners

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This article was published on 2010/06/24